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Rapid Prototyping,Stereolithography Services

Sofitel I is now bringing to our customers Rapid prototyping,Stereolithography Services,solid freeform fabrication,SLA, SLS,Rapid Prototyping Tools manufacturing. With the motto of "Production in Two Weeks", customers are assured of the delivery of a quality Rapid prototyping,Stereolithography Services within the shortest possible time at a highly competitive price.

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping
- Reduction in production costs
- Designers and engineers can test products before hard tooling is stared
- Ideal for design verification as models can be built within 48 hours

Rapid prototyping,Stereolithography Services
Rapid Prototyping samples
Left:FDM samples
Right:SLA samples

Full 3D-CAD facilities 
- Best designs are made available, creating excellent finished products made in the exact shape planned in the design.

Precision Prototyping
- With the CNC machining centres running at up to 20,000/rpm, intricate precision etching on a micron scale is possible. Specialties: Carbon and glass reinforced plastic, magnesium, and aluminum etched products.

Digital Data and Lasers
- Digital data is used in machines to produce models, with lasers playing an active role. Completed form of the model emerges when the model data is super-imposed on light sensitive resin and scanned with a laser beam. This quick and accurate production became possible with the internet.

ABS Molding System
- Manufacturing of accurate models and/or ultra-small designs is now made possible with the ABS molding system!

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